"Arizona Mormon Single Adults"

"Where we're enduring PAST the end!"

"Your responsibility to ENDURE is uniquely yours. But you are never alone." ---- Elder Russell M. Nelson

This information has been designed especially for those involved in the single activities of:

(the Mormons).


Here you can view a list of current activities for LDS single adults (must not be married and must have pending divorce finalized before attending any of these activities - per Bishop's handbook) in the Phoenix/Mesa area of Arizona over the age of 30+, generally. Also, contains activities all over Arizona and refers to some activities in other parts of the country. There are even LINKS to activities and LDS information all over the world.


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Some of the activities displayed here are sponsored by the LDS church and some are not. This Internet site is not sponsored by the LDS church and is not an "official" web site of the LDS church. It is simply an information source. Any personal information (like names, phone numbers or dating information) is not intended to be displayed here. More detailed information or contact people regarding any activity can be obtained from your Ward/Stake single representative or the Hotline.
My commitment is to attempt to provide timely information to the single adult members of the LDS church regarding social activities.
(The reference to "Mormon" is for familiarity only.
The actual name of the LDS church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints".)

To have information about your activity displayed here, send E-mail to myself, Bob Nesbit, at: Bob@Endure.com .

Bob Nesbit


The Quest for Your Thoroughbred Companion: Stepping from Singlehood into Lasting Marriage
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